skinned alive

I walked out onto the front steps of my apartment.  Rain made the air syrupy.  I turned when I heard a glass bottle clinking on the sidewalk across the street.  A man followed it.  He took it in his hand and cracked it sloppily over the curb.  With the jagged stem, he made an incision down the side of an abandoned mattress slouching against a fence.  All of his movements were grossly inaccurate and required immense effort.  For fifteen minutes i watched him skin the mattress brutally while people passed without second glances.  With one final stumbling tug, he tore the padding from the frame of springs and dropped it into a dark heap on the wet street.  He hoisted the pile onto his head, tottered, adjusted it, and walked away leaving the bald metal skeleton supine like a carcass beneath the rain.  Hunter/gatherer 2012?





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