a radically condensed history of postindustrial life parallel to the one david foster wallace wrote

And then he wanted to seem smart to everyone. At first he wanted to seem smart to everyone because then he could be himself. Then he realized it was because if he seemed smart to everyone then she would also think he was smart and then he could be himself. He started to do things he thought would make him seem smart because he thought he wanted to do them. He wanted to go to the place where everyone who is smart goes because then he would seem smart to everyone who wasn’t there. So he went to the place where the smart people go and his palms sweated in the room where they show each other how smart they all are. He changed the way he talked because he wanted to seem smart because they had also changed the way they talked because they had also wanted to seem smart. Then he didn’t think that everyone at the smart place seemed very smart but he started to think that maybe he was the one who was not very smart. He asked her if he seemed smart and she said yes but he thought she wasn’t smart enough to know whether he was smart or not.


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